Sima Environmental Fund

Spilt Life
Giving wildlife the power to protest against offshore oil drilling in California.


Between 1986 and 2021, the California ocean has experienced 707 hazardous oil leaks and spills originating from the 27 oil platforms along the coast of California. These platforms collectively produce 22 million barrels of oil per year. While major oil leak disasters receive extensive media coverage, the issue of "silent oil leaks" occurring throughout the year remains unnoticed, leading to a lack of awareness among the general public. Marine experts warn that the cumulative impact of these smaller leaks poses as much of a threat to the ecosystem as the more notable leaks. The Spilt Life initiative by SIMA targets this invisible problem, drawing attention to it and raising funds to keep our oceans free of oil pollution.

The Artwork

Marine animals, poisoned by continuous oil leaks from underwater pipelines, frequently wash ashore along the California coast, covered in toxic oil. The Spilt Life innitiative collects these intoxicated animals and employs them as 'printing plates.' The same oil that caused their death serves as ink, as they are pressed against paper, leaving a striking and impactful representation of the deceased animal on the canvas. Spilt Life is an expanding collection featuring specimens such as crab, halibut, octopus, rockfish, sablefish, squid, among many others.

The Impact

Fourteen SIMA environmental beneficiaries, including Oceana, benefit from the funds generated by auctions of Spilt Life original artwork, as well as fine art reproductions, merchandise, and public exhibitions at industry events like Surfscape and Waterman. These initiatives raise awareness and advocate for the complete closure of all offshore platforms along the coast of California.

In addition, we've launched a SIMA Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card, crafted from reclaimed ocean-bound plastic and showcasing artwork from Spilt Life. This card symbolizes sustainability, transforming everyday spending into contributions to the SIMA Environmental Fund.